The first phplx meetup will take place at Campo Grande, 56 at Rumos office in Auditório Zürich on December 6, 2012 with registrations starting at 19:15.


  • 19:15 Welcome
    Say hello
  • 19:45 Hello phplx
    Introduction to phplx
  • 19:55 Composer — An Introduction
    Samuel Gordalina
  • 20:20 Break
    Meet someone new
  • 20:45 Introduction to Assetic
    Daniel Gomes
  • 21:10 ORM for PHP
    Francisco Costa
  • 21:35 Prize Raffle
    Sponsors prizes to give away, are you the winner?
  • 21:45 Social food and drinks
    Meet someone or discuss the talks with the speakers

Note: The schedule can have changes, check back the day before the meetup.


  • Composer — An Introduction Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP, this talk will help you leverage it for managing 3rd party libraries and automatically have them autoloaded without ever needing to copy anything or setting up autoloaders.

    Slides | Source | Video

  • Introduction to Assetic Assetic is an asset management framework for PHP 5.3, on this talk will explain the concepts and show how can you use it and take advantage of it.

    Slides | Examples | Video

  • ORM for PHP Introduction to Red Bean PHP, a simple ORM library for PHP.



  • Daniel Gomes Daniel Gomes Software Developer
    @ Sedimap PT
  • Francisco Costa Francisco Costa CTO & Software Engineer
    @ Tomorrow Today
  • Samuel Gordalina Samuel Gordalina Software Engineer @ nelmio


If you want to sponsor us shout an email to team at phplx dot net


If you want to be our partner shout an email to team at phplx dot net


email: team at phplx dot net