The fourth phplx meetup will take place at Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 40 in SAPO on April 11th, with registrations starting at 19:00.


  • 19:30 Welcome
    Say hello
  • 19:45 REST APIs made easy with Symfony2
    Samuel Gordalina
  • 20:30 Break
  • 21:00 CrowdProcess: A massively parallel supercomputer that monetizes websites
    João Jerónimo
  • 21:15 Prize Raffle
    Do you feel lucky?

Note: At the end we will pick a restaurant and have dinner, you are welcome to join us.


  • CrowdProcess: A massively parallel supercomputer that monetizes websites CrowdProcess is a distributed computing platform, just like [email protected] and [email protected], that works on top of Web Browsers. It means that websites can now monetize themselves with number crunching instead of advertising.

    On the other side, it gives developers an easy to use API so they can take advantage of a massively parallel cloud.

    The presentation will be very light, as we are still figuring out some things. We will make a stockastick prediction of a fire expansion live, and explain briefly how it works.

    Discussion is then open to details of the business, implementation and architecture.

  • REST APIs made easy with Symfony2 REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications which has gained much traction lately, mainly due to its simplicity and for only requiring HTTP as the communication protocol.

    This talk will leverage the extensibility and configurability of Symfony2 to easily create a reusable and testable REST API in minutes. Watch as we cover some real world examples and fill the gap where the abstraction layer falls short in providing the implementation for specific requirements.

    We will dive into how data can be serialized & deserialized with little effort as possible whilst supporting different formats, namely JSON & XML. Authentication and Authorization will be visited in order to exemplify the security aspects of a real world API.

    Sam will talk about how to document the API without effort and have that documentation generated automatically for end user consumption. Also we will fiddle with a web sandbox for instant access to the API.


  • João Jerónimo João Jerónimo Founder & Lead Developer at CrowdProcess
  • Samuel Gordalina Samuel Gordalina Software Engineer at Nelmio


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